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  1. Small Group Tours
    On-demand tours to destinations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Itineraries to choose from Israel, Greece, Aegean Sea islands, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Jordan, and Egypt. Minimum of 15 passengers, maximum of 40, in addition to two tour facilitators. Give us a call in advance and you may be surprised with how much money and coordination efforts you can save. Let us do the work for you at no extra cost.
  2. March - September
    Best travel season for faith based groups. Tours are arranged to last between 10 and 15 days. Preparations begins approximately one year in advance. Rather than a vacation, expect an adventure tour, packed with excitement. Our Hub Airport is Houston IAH.
  3. $Cost$
    We are experienced tour facilitators, NOT travel agents. Prices are based on our exclusive negotiations with licensed travel consultants located nation wide, and the number of participants committed to the tour. The price negotiated with the travel agency is the price passed on to you without any overhead charges. Our business is not to profit from your tour, it is to safely take you there, and back.

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  1. M & C Davila
    M & C Davila

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Tour Facilitators

You become part of a small group and we'll take you there. On demand tours: We'll travel with you when you're ready. From your home and back we'll help you out.  Our approach is to offer you an affordable alternative to visit and experience the best of Biblical Lands and to follow the footsteps of the early christians. Tour itinerary departs from Houston IAH round trip and includes four star accommodations, breakfast + dinner buffet or half-board, with the hotel/cruise package. Tour price is all-inclusive*. Harbor fees/fuel taxes are added prior to the due date of tour final payment. Your domestic connection to Houston IAH is not included with the tour price however, it can be included when requested in advance. One extra night is optional on the return flight at Houston.
Travel Insurance is always recommended.
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